Tuesday, August 3

Happy times

After my moment yesterday, I decided to list the good things that are coming up in my life.

(Yes, I am a lists type of person)

1. Nieces' Birthday BBQ, this coming weekend, they are having a joint party
2. Looooong weekend 13th-17th August
3. Finally meeting up with my best friend, Suzan
4. Finally seeing my Godson, Adam
5. Better off Ted being on FX (Does the humour remind anyone else of Dead Like me?)
6. Breaking Bad Season 2 arriving via Love Film.
7. Blip.fm
8. Hubs not doing night shifts for at least two weeks after tonight
9. My Glamour magazine subscription, which just keeps arriving even though I could've sworn it run out in May (Please don't shop me in to Conde Nast)
10. Wedding album hopefully arriving.any.day.now. SQUEEEE!

So yea, its getting good.

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