Monday, March 22

What is your favourite dinner?

Ooo hard to limit to one dinner....
Mum's Chilli
Husbands Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sister's curry

Ask me anything....within reason :-)

Sunday, March 21

What are the top 5 best experiences of your life?

1. Getting married
2. Becoming a Godmother
3. Watching my Nieces and Nephew grow up to become young adults
4. Going to see Take That in concert and therefore reliving my youth.
5. Watching Barack Obama become President of the United States

But i've had loads of 'best' experiences and don't want to limit them to five.

Ask me anything....within reason :-)

Saturday, March 20

Keeping up appearances

So for the better part of this week I have been battling the dreaded winter flu bug. 
I really did think that I had gotten away with suffering this, but alas, no one it seems, is immune. 

So as this was the first time in my marriage that I was sick, it was interesting to see how my Husband would react to me not being up to form. 

Seeing as he was working night shifts (yes, he works shifts, but that is for another blog entry) he felt incredibly guilty for not being there to hold back my hair and rub my back etc. And he felt even worse when he came home from said shifts and went to sleep while I struggled to get around. 
Despite these hurdles, my angel of a Husband has been wonderful and has made me eat to get my strength up, made me drink to get hydrated and made me as comfortable as possible. 
Stomach Bug 0 Husband 1

However, how did I deal with being vulnerable and needing to be look after? 
Illnesses involving vomiting from both areas (God I hope you get what I am trying to say) are so not pretty and definitely not dignified. 
Having my Husband witness me being sick and running to the bathroom did nothing for my 'Perfect Housewife' look. And to be honest, after one day feeling that way, I really didn't care. And neither did he. 

'In sickness and in health'. Those words were on repeat every time I looked in the mirror at my sunken eyes and sallow cheeks. 

I am getting better and today was the first day in 5 that I put on make-up. 
It felt like I was 15 again and trying to impress that boy I really liked. Except i'm 26 and i'm trying to impress my Husband. 

And I quite like that.

And...i've lost 7 pounds so its not all bad. 

The day after stomach flu is definitely the best feeling. 

Whats your idea of your best night out?

Dinner with husband or a good group of friends, good wine and food (everyone trying something new) good chat and then laughing so much it hurts.

Ask me anything....within reason :-)

Friday, March 19

What makes your heart sing?

Spring days, laughter, good music and love

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

So it begins

Life is supposed to happen in a sequence. A sequence of events if you like. But how that sequence of events happens is ultimately up to us. Or is it?
As a newly-wed, who is very much in the blissed out loved up stage in the marriage, its hard to imagine being married to anyone else, right? I mean its completely normal to feel like you want to be with this person for the rest of your life because, hey, this is the reason you got married.

So it is interesting to me, as a newly-wed, to have the opportunity to see inside other peoples marriages because if there is one thing I have learnt since getting married is that people like to tell you about there own marriage. A lot.
Its kind of like therapy, if therapy means passively telling you that a holy or legal union is not what its cracked up to be and that maybe you shouldn't have got married. Although, this is from people who are have had or are currently going through some sort of trauma in there marriage. These are the people who are more than willing to tell you when something is wrong.

The people who are not talking about marriage? Those are the 'Happy' ones. The couples who are so close, they finish each others sentences. Who order for each other when you go for dinner. There the couples who know that as soon as they say how happy they are, people around them instantly make the fake puking sound. But what people don't realise is that, that fake puking sound actually makes a two folded point.
1. The people making the puking sound (Lets call them pukees for ease) realise something. Pukees realise that they have a jealous reaction forming within them. Sure they may joke with the two-fingers down the throat action, but really its them showing they are missing what had before. Or even a yearning for something they didn't have at all.
2. The people who are being puked on (Lets call these...puked on?) realise that they have released something. They have released something to the world which previously wasn't tarnished, wasn't subjected to ridicule or scrutiny. Are the puked about to become the pukees when the next new couple comes along, because they too have become jealous.

Here is my two cents.

As part of a happily married, albeit newly-wed couple, I can feel the pressure to 'become' a pukee. Having recently been 'puked on' (I should've thought about the names before writing) when expressing perhaps stupidly my profound happiness and in fact, I believe my words were 'We've never been happier', the wrathful-ness of the pukees was tantamount.

End of. 

The fact that we were married and happy in the same sentence was actually a tiny detail in the mockery of our happiness.
People had pre-empted the puking, practising the two-finger action to make sure they got it right. They knew we were going to say 'We've never been happier' because we were already that happy. Why would we let a thing like marriage get in the way of that.
As the saying goes, misery loves company. The pukees need more people to be like them. The puked on realise that they have said too much and want to do anything they can to take it back, because lets face it, who wants to be friends with misery.

However, once you have endured the whole "That feeling wont last; wait till your married a couple of years or have kids" blah blah blah, you will be accepted into the 'Pukee Clan' which in turn allows you to ridicule the new, naive couple, who just can't keep there hands off each other.

But who wants to do that?

I'm keeping hold of my 'Puked on' status for as long as I can.