Sunday, June 27

Where the hell have you been

Erm, well in its complicated and not complicated. And interesting and teetering on boring. 
So here is, in list form, what has been going on the last three months:

1. I got over the stomach flu
2. I got the blues
3. I get worse
4. I got antidepressants
5. I had a crash in confidence
6. I admitted that I wasn't doing so great
7  I then got slightly better
8. I started feeling even more better
9. We got a new apartment - our first as a married couple
10. We bought a sofa, chair and kitchen utensils
11. We broke our bed on the first night - no, not from that you filthy minded people...there was a screw loose...not unlike myself really.
12. We travelled around Toronto, Montréal, Québec, Ottawa and New York
13. We've decided to start trying for a family soon.
14. Potential health problems with Hubs put a stop to that.
15. Getting the 'OK' to get our freak on from the doctor has opened up the baby discussion again
16. Money issues has dampened the spirit of having children right now
17. Discovered that we might have a ghost in our new abode
18. I've found some awesome blogs, which inspire me
19. Both working hard for the Man
20. Ooo its finally sunny in England.

And that is about it....

I've made a promise to myself to write more often. This blog might not get any readers but that's OK because, this is my therapy. And If I do get some readers, then that will just help me further.

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